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ASSOCIATE OF INSURANCE PRODUCTION—The nationally acclaimed Associate of Insurance Production (AIP) designation program recently added Platforms of Success to its required curriculum for participating students. Written and self published by FAIA Executive Vice President, Scott Johnson, “Platforms of Success”, was immediately included in the library of young producers seeking the AIP designation nationwide and in Canada because it is a detailed and motivational examination of the sales process for “high-end” intangible products such as insurance. Much of the AIP class training, called “Elite Sales Training” was adapted from Scott Johnsons’ early seminars and research. His current book is part of an overall program to help independent agents compete with the ever growing commoditization of insurance products and a general emphasis on the part of buyers to consider only the lowest price. IIABA sponsors the AIP designation and it’s president and CEO, Bob Rusbuldt, highly recommends Platforms of Success.

BUILDING AN AGENCY-WIDE SALES CULTURE—The true value of “Platforms of Success” may be in building a sales culture within an agency. It is is being used by agency principals and sales managers as the central document for producers to communicate how to handle price objections, manage goals and close more sales. Every producer in an agency ought to be using similar terminology and scientifically proven approaches to influencing buyers to the agency and it’s products. By utilizing Platform II, agency production personnel, including back-up CSR’s can design and present complicated commercial proposals in an easily understood fashion to maximize the chance of a succesful close and to build retention. Platforms of Success can help producers reduce every customer or sales call a common set of defined attitudes and strategies.

THE GIFT OF SALES —Signed hard copy versions of Platforms of Success can be ordered by contacting Scott Johnson as These make excellent gifts for young producers or to convey a specific message to anyone who sells anything. Insurance companies make quantity purchases of signed copies to distribute to preferred agent committee’s or their preferred producer councils during retreats, management meetings and the like.

A SPEAKER FOR THE TIMES —Scott Johnson is also available for convention program presentations. Over his career he has appeared on the main program of forty(40) state insurance agents association annual conventions. His presentations on selling and managing time are specifically customized to insurance production in an independent agency. There is no one in America who has more experience in teaching agents to sell than Scott Johnson and no one who has made more presentations to insurance agent groups than he has. He is also a past president of the Society of Association Executives and was voted Association Executive of the year in 1995 so he knows what you need to make your meeting attendee’s happy. Email or call 850-545-6377 for pricing and availability.

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