About Scott Johnson

Thirty five years ago, Scott Johnson spent a decade teaching others to sell. In hundreds of intimate classroom settings he counseled aspiring sellers, took notes, and videotaped thousands of role-plays, cataloguing what worked and what didn’t.

In the 1980s as vice president of Marketing for an emerging software company he recruited, hired, trained, and motivated a national sales force. He often accompanied team members on sales calls, taking notes and providing constructive critiques. He then took what he taught and what he learned and applied it to his own real life selling situations, refining as he went; all for the day when he might write this book.

He spent two years gaining product endorsements from boards of directors of state associations of insurance agents and presenting to the top executives of America’s largest insurance carriers. It was in this role that Scott refined skills for selling to groups and developed his own system for self-management in order to establish and reach sales related goals.

After teaching thousands of young sellers to sell and manage their time, Scott formed his own speaking and consulting company, JSJ Learning Systems, Inc., and has given time management presentations to associations, businesses, and conventions around the US. Over a period of twenty years, he developed the detailed lessons of this book and the three platforms for a successful career in selling.

Other Works—Scott Johnson first became known for his prose as an editorial writer of the Agents Confidential bulletins, published by the Florida Association of Insurance Agents. His weekly exposés and no-holds-barred writing style eventually brought the state bulletins to countrywide recognition. His other works include numerous technical manuals, training guides, and association management texts, including the original guides leading to the Certified Association Executive (CAE) designation—a designation he is one of the youngest Floridians to obtain. Scott was also a charter member of the Accredited Advisor of Insurance designation (AAI), president of the Florida Society of Association Executives, and voted Florida’s “Executive of the Year” in 1995.

Scott Johnson’s first book reviewed the history of insurance and independent insurance agents and was a milestone in tracing the competitive evolution of the insurance industry away from the cartel mentality toward a more competitive paradigm. F. Lee Bailey’s brother and former counsel to the Insurance Information Institute (III) "Bill" Bailey said From Cartels to Competition "...is vintage Scott Johnson—exhaustive research, stimulating and well-choreographed writing, and insightful, often ground-breaking, opinions.” From Cartels to Competition may be ordered at www.faia.com.

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